Schedule Santa Beta Test

Calling all beta testers! Schedule Santa is a new greater-good website that helps parents and guardians in need reschedule the date or location of Christmas and receive back a confirmation that they can share with their children. This is a free service.

Christmas can need to be rescheduled due to divorce/custody issues, conflicts in work schedules, family emergencies, or traveling for the holiday. This can create worry for children. All children deserve to feel confident that Christmas will happen as planned, even if a date other than December 25th or a location other than their primary residence.

You can read an interview with our founder to find out even more about the project, here:

Right now the beta-test version of this rescheduling product is set up as a simple auto-responder. We’d like you to test that out and offer us general feedback on a variety of current aspects of user experience, fill out a survey to let us know what features to add for the future, and if you like the product, offer a testimonial that we can use on the web page.

You can access the beta-tester survey here:

You can send email testimonials to:

Many thanks for offering to be a beta tester for this product that will help kids feel more confident about Christmas.


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